Café Rosenhaven Open 2016
Prodiscus Danish Tour 2016 #5
PDGA EuroChallenge Tour, C-tier
Valbyparken, København, 25/6-2016
We play by the PDGA rules and the Prodiscus Danish Tour 2016 guidelines with the exemption of local rules that have first priority. The course in Valbyparken has the following local rules:

1. On most holes if you land in a lake or inside the OB line of the lake, you must play from the marked drop zone with a penalty throw.

2. If you tee-off and land in the lake on hole 7 or 12, you'll get a penalty throw and have to re-tee (each time).

All other OB's than the above mentioned (roads, paths and so on) are penalized by the normal OB rules.

Please look on the tee signs though to be sure, when OB in the lakes are played from the drop zones or by normal OB rules.

3. If you land in a lake, which is not marked on the tee sign, normal OB is applied.

4. The path behind the basket on hole 7, which is also left of hole 8, is OB (OB on that path is ONLY in effect for these two holes).

Note: The paving stones between the grass and the road on the right side of holes 8/10/11 and left side of holes 17/18 are NOT OB; only the road itself (and beyond) is OB!

Note also that there are mandatories on holes 1, 9, 10 and 11. There will be clearly marked arrows by the respective trees and marked drop zones for missed mandatories. Drop zone for hole 1 is on yellow tee, on hole 10 it is on red tee and on hole 11 it is on white tee.

There will be NO 2-meter out-of-bounds rule in effect for this tournament.

NB: Please note, that no alcohol is to be consumed before and during the rounds. We also ask you to limit smoking to a minimum to show the public, that we are a sport that wants to be taken seriously.

All tees are clearly marked with a wooden pole and a tee sign.
White tees are to be played in Open, Master and Amateur Advanced divisions - all other divisions play yellow tee.

Round starts
2 minutes ahead of the start of all rounds (except in the Open final) there will be repeated signals. No practice throws are allowed after these signals .
The actual round start is announced by a long horn signal. It is not allowed to start until the signal has sounded.

We also stress the 30 second rule and the 3 minute rule , so that we will be able to stay on schedule.
If the tournament has to be temporarily delayed, for example in case of a thunderstorm, this will be signalled with repeated long signals.

The first player in each group is responsible for the group's scorecards. This includes making sure that the scorecards are taken with the group on the round and that the scorecards are returned to the tournament center after the round, so that the staff can start processing the results. Note: It is important that you return the scorecards as soon as possible after it is signed by all players.

Please review all scoring procedures in the rules to prevent incorrect scorecards and the resulting penalty throws.

Tournament center
The tournament center is at the Café Rosenhaven - about 50 meters behind white tee of hole 1. Everything from registration, handing out scorecards, lunches and prize ceremonies will take place here.

There is one toilet at the Café Rosenhaven and one toilet right next to the parking lot. Drinking water can be tapped from the sinks at the toilets.

The results and groupings will continuously be updated on the leaderboard.

There will be a shop selling discs and other merchandise during the tournament (Disc Connection). We urge all players to support this dedicated Danish disc selling company, which has done a great deal to support the sport in a small market.

5 holes for top 4 in the OPEN division: 8, 9, 2, 3 and 7.

Sudden deaths
Sudden death for possible tied 1st places and among trophy candidates will play holes 1, 7 and 8 - and if a winner isn't found, there will be a CTP.

HIO is played during rounds 1 and 2. All HIO will receive prizes (sponsored merchandise).

CTP is played during rounds 1 and 2 on hole 3. There will be one sponsored merchandise prize for the CTP of white tee players and one prize for the CTP of yellow tee players respectively. If a hole-in-one is made on the CTP hole, it will count as a hole-in-one, and not as a CTP. You will therefore get the prize for the hole-in-one instead.

Tournament Director
Jeppe Ask Sørensen, - mobile: +45 26 16 91 42.


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